CtE Judge Thomas More Donnelly - Wednesday, April 6th Fundraiser
Wednesday, April 6th
Plumber's Hall at 1350 West Washington Street in Chicago

The fundraiser, and the location, are extremely important to Judge Donnelly's campaign. He has been a steadfast friend of labor and this event at a union hall will bring together supporters from Judge Donnelly's diverse legal career as well as from his active participation in the community.

As you know, Judge Donnelly is closely associated with the Catholic Lawyers Guild, the Lumen Christie, as well as Loyola Law School and the Loyola Corboy Fellows. Judge Donnelly is also active with the Chicago and Oak Park Irish Fellowship. He also served as a public defender before becoming a judge.

This event is intended to bring those groups together and to honor those who served Cook County as public defenders. We hope to see you there!

Individuals may contribute up to a maximum of $6000 per election cycle. Corporations may contribute up to $12,000 per election cycle.

In accordance with recent changes to Illinois campaign finance laws, contributions are limited to residents of Illinois. If you are not a resident of Illinois, we thank you for your interest, but can not accept a donation.
Thomas More Donnelly Minimum donation is $250